Single Family Residences

Single Family Residences are uniques as the are usually homes for families or investments for landlords.  In a "SFR", the owener is typically responsible for every aspect and system of the house. Any missed details can lead to COSTLY repairs.  By hiring a professional experience property inspector, you can have tangible peace of mind that your investment will be sound.

In the cases of investors, we inspect from the point of view for that investor.  Do you plan to flip the property, interested in remodel, income investment (landlord).  We can help see the property from the "buyers

Multiple Unit Residences

Duplexes, apartment buildings and multi-unit/single owner.  The inspections are more rigorous.  In addition to the main structure, each unit is inspected and the ancillary building are also inspected.  A report of the main unit, plus each additional unit is included in the inspection report.

Condominiums & Townhomes

The inspections typically exclude the "common" systems that are included in the HOA maitenance.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are subject to different codes and regulation than typical permanent homes.  Our inspectors are experienced with mobile home units, their systems and space requirements within the park.