At BENCHMARK PROPERTY INSPECTIONS, we offer tangible peace of mind when making one of the largest purchases of your life.  We understand the anxiety of not knowing what you are purchasing.  With the power of a property inspection, you can rest easy and have that peace of mind knowing exactly what you are purchasing.  Our experienced inspectors all have construction backgrounds with experience in building, remodel and repair.  Our inspectors comply to the rigorous standards of CREIA (California Real Estate Inspector Association).

Our inspectors use the latest technology.  Our reports are generated from the field and always include inspection for; deviation for standard building practices and/or building codes, structural components, safety systems, and much, much more.  Each report is prepared by one of our inspection coordinators for quality assurance.  In addition, our reports are approved by an additional senior inspector prior to delivery. 
Please see our “Our Services” section for further detail on our inspections.

BENCHMARK INSPECTIONS is a family owned and operated California Corporation. Founded by Robert and Mercedes Steiner in 1999, Benchmark has prepared over ten thousand property inspection report. We boast an A+ Rating with the BBB (not a member), no complaints or actions... ever. Benchmark became a member of the California Real Estate Inspection Association (CREIA) in 2003 and subscribe to the association's inspection standards as well as business and ethical practices.  Our family business has also spread to the next generation with family members in charge of operations, inspections and inspection coordination. 


Our INSPECTORS have diverse experience in construction, building and safety, repair, maintenance and of course formal home/commercial training through CREIA.  Each inspector looks for variation from standard building practices, building, safety, proper drainage, and much more.  With over 17 years of inspection experience, we provide tangible piece of mind.

Our INSPECTION COORDINATORS provide quality assurance and coordination of all the inspections for our company.  Each inspector has a coordinator that "proofs" each report, checks for recalls on building system components and of course the delivery of the inspection reports.  They also are responsible for scheduling of inspectors, inspections and the coordination of their dispatches.
Our OPERATIONS Team handles the rigorous technology requirements. Benchmark processes up to 400 photos per day as well as up to 9 reports a day.  It requires technology that can move data between our users quickly and efficiently.  Most inspections are completed the next business day, so we rely on state of the art technologies to move data from the field to the offices and then to our clients.
Our MARKETING Team plays a vital role here at Benchmark.  We regularly schedule "Lunch 'n Learns" for Real Estate Agents to educate them to the various reason that buyers should have a professional property inspection done on every purchase.