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About Us
At BENCHMARK PROPERTY INSPECTIONS, we offer tangible peace of mind when making one of the largest purchases of your life.  We understand the anxiety of not knowing if your investment is wise. 

With the power of a property inspection, you can rest easy and have that peace of mind knowing exactly what you are purchasing.  Our experience inspectors all have construction backgrounds with experience in building, remodel and repair.  Our inspectors comply to the rigorous standards of CREIA (California Real Estate Inspector Association).

Our inspectors use the latest technology.  Our reports are generated from the field and always includes the inspection for: deviation from standard building practices and/or building codes, structural components, safety systems, and many more additional components.  Each report is prepared by one of our inspection coordinators for quality assurance and accuracy.  In addition, our reports are approved by an additional senior inspector prior to delivery.

Please see our “Our Services” section for further detail on our inspection services.

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